Planner Peace


So the term planner peace gets thrown around pretty often. I choose to view that as what works for you now. Sometimes what works for you now won’t in a few months but that’s ok you will have changed and you can find something that works for you again.




So my current planner peace is my A5 zipped Dokibook. This is my first A5 planner and I am really enjoying the amount of space I have to write in it.




My planner is currently set up with my Christmas theme.

So I have some clips decorating the pockets. The Santa and Groot are from a seconds* grab bag from Cherry Blossom in the Market Square. The Gingerbread man and the Rudolph are from Doodle and Dot. The Fox is from Ladybug on a Pug. (All shop links will be left at the bottom of this post). I also have a little ghost holding a heart planner charm from Kawaii Studios, I know its a halloween charm but its adorable. Ghosts are around all year anyway (if you believe in them – I’m still not sure if I do). The cards in the pockets are a backing card from a pin which was in my Lucky Dip Club (I will be unboxing one on here later in December). I have a Clefairy pokemon card because its cute, and the last card is a Christmas project life with a gold tree paperclip attached to it.

I feel that although the clips are just sitting there, no real purpose. I like it, the decoration makes the planner more inviting and makes me want to pick it up more.


This is a little file folder I got in a Brimbles box, I customised it with photos of my boyfriend and my little guinea pig Ruxin.

There is four dividers, but I think I may need to add more sections. I do treat my planner as a work in progress. I will constantly change little things here and there. That means that my planner is evolving and that is a good thing. If you feel that you are changing your planner system, be happy because you are adapting it to your needs. Too many of us look online at instagram and pinterest and think our planners need to match that. I am victim of doing this too, I am too hard on myself because mine doesn’t look like what I am seeing online. Not that anything is wrong with the pictures we see, its just we have a tendency to think we need a certain planner or to do a certain thing to achieve “planner peace”.

I say If it makes you happy and works for you stick with it.

Anyway, I got a little off topic, so my dividers are monthly, weekly, notes and finance. I used to use monthly pages alot, but now I dunno, I’m struggling to find a use other than to mark my work shifts which feels like a waste. I think when I change my planner around in new year I will get rid of them. But I will do an update when I do.

* seconds – this term for anyone that doesn’t know refers to items that are imperfect, have small blemishes etc these make the item no good for regular sale but most shops offer them as a grab bag or individually at a lower price.


Doodle and Dot

Cherry Blossom in the Market Square

Lady Bug on a Pug 

Kawaii Studios

Brimbles Box



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