Sticker Storage


So today I though I would discuss how I store my stickers. The majority of them are in a drawer in my craft studio. But the ones I use more frequently are kept in one of two places, my binder or my album.

Lets talk about my binder first, it is a photo album that I bought from Paperchase for £3. Its A5 in size and has 100 pockets so it is perfect for storing lots of stickers. The stickers are sorted by shop as best I could. I really enjoy using this to store the larger part of the stickers I use daily. The quality is really good especially for the price which I think is very reasonable. I do use a planner band to keep it closed as it annoys me that it has no closure, but that’s personal preference. A small feature I like is that in each pocket there is a sort of divider that means you don’t have to put stickers back to back, if that makes sense.

Photo 31-12-2016, 15 46 09.jpg

My album, I normally carry two of these. They are intended for children, I bought them from my local bargain store and they come with some sheets of stickers.For £1 its quite a good find.

These stickers albums are really useful, the paper is plastic-y so you can peel off the sticker and use it again. I like these as they are  great for carrying a bit of everything while out and about.

I use one to sort my half boxes and icons for work, phone bill etc. The other album I carry I use for my molang stickers and some icons from happy cutie studio and keena prints.

I definitely recommend these if you are looking for new ways to store your planner stickers.



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Paperchase Photo Album

Happy Cutie Studio

Keena Prints

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