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So this is the first post of a few that will explore my Boxing Day sticker haul. As is custom with Boxing Day I decided to shop the sales, the only difference is I went online to etsy rather than outside.

So after I decided to move to vertical inserts, this was a great excuse to buy new stickers (like you need an excuse). I have decided to try a few kits from various shops to see what kind of vertical planning I like using. As always all shops will be linked at the bottom of the posts. I ordered from the first three shops on boxing day so I did take advantage of the sales that were on. I felt that the sales were the best time for me to test a few shops at the same time without spending too much. All shops I bought from are UK based.

As you have seen from the title this post will explore my stickers from Hand Crafted By Sheree.

These were the first ones to arrive, they were delivered on the 31st which I am super impressed with. I love the quality of these stickers, you are getting really good value for money.

Photo 31-12-2016, 15 19 48.jpg

First thing I noticed was this little freebie sample sheet and postcard. I love the personal touch of including a recipe with the order, its very unusual but I think it really makes you appreciate the thought that goes into every order. The sample sheet has one of my favourite stickers on it which I will need to order, it is a bra that says calm your tits. Its tongue and cheek and just so much fun.

Now to the kits I ordered, I went with the belle planner kit and two weekly kits. The great thing about this shop is that Sheree offers so many different options, icons, vertical box kits and personal size kits. So you are bound to find something that fits your planner and style. The stickers I ordered were matte so they are easy to write on.

I love Beauty and the Beast, it is my favourite disney film. I mean I even have it tattooed on me, so when I saw the belle kit I knew I had to get it. I was not disappointed, this kit as you can see is beautiful. The realistic style of it is what caught my eye, most kits are kawaii cutesy – which I love  but having something a bit different every now and then helps. I love that the deco stickers of Cogsworth and Lumiere don’t have face but are extremely detailed.

The weekly kit is the a set style but comes in a variety of colours. I opted for Cool blue and Bright summer. These kits are good to get a bit of everything and see what kind of things you will use and what you don’t that way you know what to look for in your kits. I like the simplified nature of these as they can blend into full kits that you buy .

The weekly kits were £2.50 the belle kit was £5.50 (comes in a few style options) and postage was £1. The shop is UK based.

So please go check them out the link is below.



The opinions stated in this post are my own, I bought these stickers with my own money and was not sent them to be reviewed.


Hand Crafted By Sheree

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