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Today I will be unboxing my Paper, Pen and Plan box for January. This box was the theme pretty plaid, I loved the idea that I could just choose one box rather than set up a subscription. The sneak peak of the box showed super cute highland cow stickers and I knew then I had to have them.

The box is about letter size which is perfect for posting as no need to worry about getting the dreaded red card to collect at a post office. When you first open the box it is packaged so nice and has a lovely note taped to the top.

So as I briefly mentioned the sneak peak I saw had a picture of highland cow stickers. This is them pictured below and I have to say they are just too cute. You get two sheets of stickers designed and made by Shona from Away With The Fairies Co (links will be at the bottom of the page). These sheets are perfect for any type of planner and there is a fair amount of each kind of sticker. I love how unique these are, I have never found any Scottish themed stickers that are kawaii style and I feel like these are perfect to add into any spread. I have included a picture of her business card so that you can check out all her social media sites.


Now on to the things I didn’t know about, first thing I spotted when I opened the box was these two vials of sequins. I don’t own any sequins (no idea why) so these were a lovely addition to my craft stash. The colours are so vivid this picture  doesn’t do them justice. The blue is my favourite  as it is a really rich blue. I just have to find a little activity to use them with.

The next thing was this bendable thistle set, it includes two thistles and a leaf that are attached on wires so you can bend them to create a thistle card topper or even a pin. I like that there is multiple  uses for this and it just ties in more of that Scottish plaid theme.

To carry on with the thistle theme, there was a thistle silver charm and a wood embellishment. The charm is dainty and will fit on any planner, I cant wait to add it onto mine. I think charms are great in subscription boxes as they add that personal touch to your planner. You can always swap out your charms depending on the theme or occasion of your planner. You could also thread the charm onto a chain and wear it like a necklace which would look lovely. The wood embellishment is very detailed, I’m not sure what I will use it for because its so big but I will find something.

WASHI TAPE!!!! Haha you can’t go wrong with a bit of washi. There was a full roll included in a lovely plaid pattern, it is like a paper tape that is a bit glossy if that makes sense. It is very sticky so there should be no issue of it staying on a page. Also pictured is the little creative kit they included which was two gold paperclips and some plaid ribbon. I think gold was a good choice for the clips as it matches the wood embellishments that were included. The ribbon is lovely quality and you get plenty of it. I’m going to make a ribbon clip to add to my planner, if you are unsure how to do it there is a lovely demo video in the Paper, Pen and Plan facebook group (linked below). The last thing in the picture here is a little wood embellishment  of a highland cow which is just perfect for this box, I’m tempted to try make that into a clip.

Each box comes with and edible treat, this would make sense if I had mentioned that these boxes are called Sweet Treat boxes… sorry for forgetting to mention that. So this month was lucky tatties, I must admit I did have to ask what these were as I had never seen them before. They are very strong smelling, very cinnamon-y. I have yet to try them as I struggle to try new things food wise but I will brave it as they smell yummy.

There was also some letters cut out that spell out January perfect for scrap-booking and journal-ling.

Just to reinforce the Scottish theme there was this cute postcard of a highland cow and a pencil with lots of Scottish landmarks on it. The die cut tabs are perfect for adding to any planner dividers or to top of journal pages.


Lastly there was some paper, we have two sheets of Kraft cardboard, three plaid pattern papers. My favourite is the six sheets of personalized too moo lists (which made me laugh too much) I think this is such a sweet touch as it makes each box special to you. As someone who has an unusual name it is also nice having my name on something as its not something that’s easy to get.


Overall, I think this box is fabulous. The price is £15 including postage in the UK. They have just set up a new website to make it easier to order. They are lovely people who run the box and are super helpful when asked any questions. I suggest that you join the Facebook group as everyone shares ideas and what they made with their box. They also offer a birthday advent box which comes in options of 10 or 25 days. This box is great cause you can countdown till your birthday by opening little stationery treats.

Till next time,




Paper, Pen and Plan – Facebook group

Paper, Pen and Plan Website

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