PlannerFace – Sticker Haul


So this is shop two of my boxing day sales haul.

The opinions stated in this post are my own, I bought these stickers with my own money and was not sent them to be reviewed. Pictured below is her business card with all her details but you can find a link to the shop at the bottom of the page.


Freebie sheets- these two sheets are freebies that were in my order. The lilac sampler is perfect for trying out different icons and seeing what works best for you before ordering a full sheet of them. A lot of shops include a sampler, which I think is super handy especially when you are just starting out. I especially love how colour co-ordinated this one is. The second sheet is an exclusive boxing day freebie, which is made up of hearts that have fun phrases in them just like the love heart sweets you can get except the phrases have been updated. My favourites are tea, lets get pizza, I love wifi and stop being so cute.

I accidentally  purchased the regular kits rather than the deluxe, after sending Anna a quick message she happily created a custom listing for the remaining sheets. The regular kits are £4.50 and the deluxe £6 which considering the amount of stickers and the quality I think is very reasonable. Now the kits I choose are personal size because I like to have white space in my planner, but she does do erin condren size kits with all the extras.

Now onto the actual kits I choose, this first one is called Planner Girl. The regular kit would only feature the two sheets pictured above whereas the deluxe includes both sheets above and the one below. I adore the design of this kit, the colours are warm and inviting. The planner looks cute and the girl is stunning. The stickers are on matte paper which makes writing on them very easy. I think you get a great mix of decoration and functional stickers in this kit.


The second kit is called secret garden. Just like the first one the regular kit includes the above two sheets and the deluxe kit includes the above two and the one below. The pinks and blues of this kit are what caught my eye, but I also love the girl figure with her head in the book and the cup of tea. It seems like a simple thing but alot of kits revolve around coffee or include coffee icon stickers. I find that there is not a lot of kits that include tea, I myself drink tea and not coffee and although its easy to use the coffee stickers and know you mean tea. There is still something nice about seeing a lovely cup of tea illustrated for a kit.


Overall, I love this seller and will definitely order again. I found the kits amazing value for money, the delivery was the quickest I’ve seen yet and Anna was a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend checking out her shop and her social media as she often has discount codes running.





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