Lucinda Charlotte – Sticker Haul


The last boxing day sales sticker haul post is shop Lucinda Charlotte.

I choose the boss babe, I believe in magic kits and a Fashion dolls deco page.  I choose the kits in the personal size as it had a bit of everything. I like white space planning- which is when you leave white space to break up all the stickers and writing. For that reason the personal kit was a better for me as I dont need lots of full boxes and deco sheets. This may change as my planning system evolves but for now white space planning works.

These are the first stickers to arrive that are on glossy paper, while I like the look it gives the full boxes, I don’t know how easy it will be to write over. The colours are lovely and the images are stunning on these kits.


These are the fashion dolls deco sheet, I love these especially the one wrapped in the blanket. I’m not really into fashion or clothes, but I love the idea of using these in amongst my stickers spreads to add some fun and interest.

This is the boss babe personal kits which can be used in multiple planners. I adore the colour palette in this kit. Its very cute without being too cute-sy. I’m not a fan of coffee so anytime a kit shows a coffee cup, I always pretend it is hot chocolate or tea haha. I think the quality of these are amazing. I used one of these kits already and I have found them very easy to write on with them being glossy, I used a ballpoint pen so I am not sure how it would work with a gel pen.

This is the I believe in magic personal kit, this is my favourite kit. I think that the light washi strips are gorgeous and look great mixed in with the paler colour stickers. The imagery on the half boxes is perfect its girly without being too much.

Theses kits have a good variety of stickers, its a good mix I like that there is patterned half boxes rather than full boxes. It means there is a lot more space to plan, good for weeks that are really busy.

The personal kits are £4.50 and the deco sheet is £3. In my opinion I find the full prices extremely reasonable.



The opinions stated in this post are my own, I bought these stickers with my own money and was not sent them to be reviewed.


Lucinda Charlotte

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