Pipsticks January


Its that time again and I’m very excited as this is my first proper Pipsticks subscription as the first pack they send out is like a starter kit.


This makes me laugh everytime and makes you look forward to the lovely wonders that will be inside.

So we start off as always with the backing card and blank postcard. The backing card is printed on both sides which gives you more options when it comes to re-using it.


Then we have the little newsletter sheet, which you match your raffle ticket from last month against to see if you have won. Lots of fun bits and bobs on this, I always leave this till last just because I’m too impatient to wait to see the stickers. I am very excited at the little sneak peak for next months stickers as it has some planets on them and I love space.


I was very impressed by the variety and quality of stickers this month, though it wasn’t too much of a shock as last months stickers were fab too. These weird bunny/cat things are just perfect for planning and I have started to use the to peak over boxes to draw your attention to them. The pattern on these letter stickers is beautiful and feels very spring like. I will be using them in my journal when the weather picks up a bit.


These underwear stickers are also great for planning, I will be using them to mark when I need to do a washing and the pants are a great subtle way of marking when you are on your period. It’s never a fun time when you are on your week but at least these pastel pants can make it look nice in your planner. The glitter dots and mugs are fab, the glitter is very sparkly and doesn’t shake off. As a bonus the mugs have a little heart cut out of them in the middle which I didn’t notice until I popped one in my planner. It was a great little surprise and basically two stickers in one.


The cherry blossom stickers are gorgeous shades of pink and look like they have been watercoloured. They make a lovely addition to any journal or planner spread. The bears are just great too, a little strange but that is a good thing. That is one of my favourite things about this subscription is that it is filled with unusual stickers that you wouldn’t be able to find everywhere.


These small sheets always remind me of stickers you would get in a goody bag from a birthday party. They are a great size for happy mail, or sending to friends. I love using these to brighten up dull envelopes. I feel that a letter that has a sticker on it always feels a bit more welcoming.


Lastly there is some speech bubbles, flower stamps and mix tapes. The mix-tapes are quite large I’m unsure what I will use them for. Maybe they would be perfect to journal my favourite playlist songs. I shall have to have a good think, I was very happy with this months mix of stickers and cannot wait for more. You can never have too many stickers.

I will leave a link to my instagram below in case you would like to see any stickers in action.

Until next time,







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