Travelers notebook 


I’m sorry I have been absent for so long, basically I have been working every day im not at college. Any spare time I have I’ve been using to work on my graded unit. This year is my last at college so come June I will have a lot more time to focus on this blog.

Anyway enough of me rambling.

I have ordered an A6 Uglydori, this is a travelers notebook  made by Ugly Bug Plans. I choose night sky as my colour and I cannot  wait for it to arrive. They are handmade from leather, so you are paying for quality products.

I have started collecting little things ready for my dori when it arrives. I have ordered the April Brimbles Box,  Anna has shared sneak peaks on the Brimbles Happy Place Facebook group. After seeing the sneak peaks I feel that the goodies will be perfect for my theme.

I will be decorating the inside of my dori with a Beauty and the Beast theme. I ordered some inserts from Travelers Times as I adore the quality of her paper and she is a fantastic seller.

For a change I have purchased some printables from Annie Plans Printables. After messing about with my printer settings because I’m useless with that, I got them to print and they look great i just need to sew, cut and cover them.

I will be adding photos shortly with my slowly growing bundle of goodies for my dori. All the shops/groups are linked below go check them out.

Speak soon buddies




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