Productivity Masterclass


I want to speak to you all about a free masterclass I watched. It was held by Alexis Giostra who is known as Miss Trenchcoat on Youtube/twitter etc. She develops productivity tools, I highly recommend her Youtube channel.

The masterclass was about Planner Peace, it is just over two hours long and available to rewatch on her channel. If you click here you can watch it. I found it very informative, its broken into three parts. Why and what you are using your planner for, designing a planner system and developing a consistent planning practise. I’ve not taken notes like this since high school, but I enjoyed it.

Alexis is very good at informing you in a clear and concise way of using productivity tools to make your planner system work for you.

Functional planning needs to take priority with my system, I love pretty planning and I will continue to do it in my jane walker planner, but my everyday system will be my new a6 uglydori. In my everyday system I need to stop comparing my system with the pretty pictures on instagram. I need to come up with a solution that works for me, but I will still eye up the pretty planners too.

The class really helped me highlight what my problems with my planning system are and why I continuously swap planner systems. I am looking forward to putting into practice the tools I’ve learned. It has left me feeling motivated and excited to start being more productive. My goal is to stay in this planner system for 6 months, I can do this.

If you have trouble sticking to a planner or feel you aren’t being productive enough then go check out the video. just click here.

Until next time,



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