Uglydori TN and Setup


So today I am going to be showing you my amazing Uglydori. An Uglydori is a Travelers notebook made by the lovely Michelle and Trevor at Ugly Bug Leather Craft/Ugly Bug Plans. I went for an A6 size TN in the colour Night Sky. They give you the option of having a name tag on the front, so I went for my nickname Chuckles.


Now, lets take a look at the inside. The front has one large pocket and two smaller (both vertical), which repeats at the back of the cover too. The leather is hand dyed and treated. It feels amazing, and you can feel the quality. As standard it comes with 4 strings which I find perfect. So far I am using them all but I will be changing some of the books soon. I  need to play about with this system till I get it working perfectly for me. I adore this size and I feel like I will only swap out of this planner to move into another Uglydori – same size, different colour haha. I am already planning out my next one! For more information about Uglydoris join their facebook group – click here.

2017-05-17 15.40.48

Anyway, I rambled on there. So, first thing you see when you open my TN is my Koala and Ice Cream clips from My Unicorn Planner. The quality of these clips are fantastic and they hold up well – I did have my koala marking my page but it stuck out a bit and kept getting knocked off. However, it is still intact, which shows they are made well.

2017-05-17 15.43.24.jpg

2017-05-17 15.43.39



Then you will see my dashboard, I love this the most. I followed a tutorial (link here) that showed me how to make a interchangeable dashboard for TN’s using a laminator.



2017-05-17 15.44.03

My first book in this setup is my week on two pages from Travelers Times; these are perfect for me nice space for each day and a little notes section which is handy. The paper quality of these inserts are my favourite and the main reason I always go back to them. I’m starting to get comfortable decorating these inserts and still having enough space to plan.




Following that book we have a day on one page, which I was using to track food, steps, sleep and exercise. I’m not using this one as much as I thought I would so I will have to rethink it.




Then we come to my Lyra and Co fabric pocket insert. I could not recommend this shop enough, definitely follow their Instagram for updates and sneak peeks. When they posted pictures of these zip pocket inserts I couldn’t wait to snap this one up, but unfortunately I was too slow. However, after messaging the lovely Jane, she made me one up with the remaining fabric she had, and it is amazing. I attached a little pizza charm onto the zip that I got from a swap. I don’t have anything in the pockets yet but I like that I can store things there when I’m out.




Third book in is a blank notebook from Travelers Times. I use this as a smash-book, journal, just a place to put all my photos and stuff.




2017-05-17 15.45.25  2017-05-17 15.45.43Last but by no means least is my notebook that I got from TK Maxx in a pack of three. I use this as my Month on two pages, it starts with a monthly master task list then my monthly pages ( printed from Printable Planners). These free inserts are printed, trimmed and glued into my notebook. Then I have a Notes page just in case I need to carry anything over to the following month. I mainly use my Monthly pages to track my work shifts, my boyfriend’s work shifts and some major events.

Now onto the bits and bobs of my planner. I use two small Oli clips to mark my place in my Weekly  book and my Monthly book. I got these clips from a destash and they are the small size. I do know that you can buy Oli clips from Suzy Stick It – she has lots of different ones, small and large. The pens I use are the Bic 4 colour barrel ones, I have the pastel colour and the regular both purchased from Poundland but they are available at most places. Lastly, my charm is a little thistle that I got in a Paper, Pen and Plan box. I do have another charm on the way for this TN, but I will do an unboxing of that.

Well that was a look at my Uglydori and my setup, I hope you enjoyed it. I’ve tried to link everything I mentioned. If you have any questions just ask.

Until next time,



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