Scot Con 2017


Today, I’m going to let you know about the planner event Scot-Con that I went to. It was the first planner event to be held in Glasgow. It was on Saturday 20th May this year. I will be dividing this event into three posts; this post is about the event, the second is about the goodie bag and the third about what I purchased on the day. Otherwise this post would be far too long.

2017-05-20 11.58.41

This is everyone at my lovely table with a cheeky photobomb from Admin Chloe. It was a fantastic way to meet people that all have the same feeling about planners and stationery as me. First thing we did when we sat down was get the planners out, then it was a case of passing them round so we could get idea of different systems. I had brought my Uglydori A6 TN and my Jane Walker planner. After seeing everyone’s I  know want a EC and one of Janine’s lovely glitter leather TN’s. I found out that my table was just full of enablers, we were all encouraging each other to buy new planners and silhouettes.

We had three speakers over the course of the day; Clare Brown from Paper,Pen and Plan, Michelle Mills from Uglybug Plans/Uglybug Leathercraft and Anna Brim also known as Mrs Brimbles.

Clare spoke about her introduction to crafting and she made it her business. Michelle spoke about the start of Ugly bug and how she manages it. Anna did a creative talk about journal-ling. It was great hearing each of their stories and what made them craft. I did find Anna’s talk particularly inspiring as she explained that everyone can draw. That everyone can journal and that we should just do it.

There was two workshops on the day, Stamping with Clare and Papercraft with Michelle. They were very informative and a great introduction to each of the crafts. I learned the simple mistakes I was making with stamping and what I should do instead.

2017-05-20 14.26.07

We did the compulsory planner stack as you can see above. It was a good mix at the event, We even did a stack of just the uglydoris.

2017-05-20 14.31.49

Photo 27-05-2017, 00 34 06


There was a good mix of things happening we did a raffle as well. All the proceeds of the raffle will be going to the charity Mind so it was a worthy cause. I was lucky and won a little Paperchase notebook, which I will be using as a journal after being inspired by Anna’s talk.



Overall, I thought it was a good event. I did think the space was a little small for the amount of people, especially when the workshops were happening. I think there should have been a different choice of food as there wasn’t a good variety, it was a small selection especially for the vegetarians. I think it was a good event and you are bound to have teething issues with it being the first one. My ticket cost £45 and I’m not sure I would pay that again mainly because I can’t see where the money was spent.. But I am glad I went, I met lovely people and the talks were great.

The next post will be about the goodie bags.

Until next time,



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