I’m back with a mini haul of items from 4 shops.

First up, is these super cute key-rings from Drix Productions.  I bought these as I am obsessed with sharks and foxes. I have pre-ordered a new TN from Paper, Pen and Plan and wanted shark themed items to set it up. I love how adorable these are, they are made from acrylic which makes them very sturdy and waterproof. The fox has been attached to my work bag and makes me smile as it brings the cute factor without being too childlike. She has a few different designs in her shop and I am definitely eyeing up some more.

2017-08-27 08.17.39

Also if you are making a start on Christmas presents (early I know) then I feel like her items would be great, especially for stocking stuffers.

Next up is The Punk Planner, this shop deals with TN and ring planner inserts, as well as some planner accessories. To start out with I ordered 2 A6 inserts just to check that I like them. I have been feeling at odds with my A6 TN where I love and hate it at the same time. I felt that maybe a change in my inserts would help that. The inserts I choose were a Week on Two Pages (D013) and the Bullet Journal (D001). I love the material that the covers are made of, its like a vinyl card feel. The paper quality is nice its 90gsm which my inserts that I’m currently using are. You get a decent amount of pages, 32 pages printed. I would highly recommend getting inserts from there, I have already placed a second order for some inserts for my pre-order TN.

CHARMS!!! I’m pretty sure I have posted about Kawaii Studios before. I had to post about my new charms as they are just too perfect. Ruth who runs Kawaii Studios ran a sale a few weeks ago, I new I had to pick up two bear charms. I went for the panda and polar bear. They are made from acrylic which as I’ve said before is very sturdy and perfect for charms.  If you want to jazz up your planner or you want a necklace for yourself check out the shop.

2017-08-19 19.03.55

I just want to mention here that Ruth has made a Kickstarter to fund her strawberry design being made into a pin badge. She made her target and uploaded a ghost design too, so if you like her designs but aren’t a fan of charms you could go pledge to get a badge. It ends on the 17th September, and should be delivered  roughly in November. I have pledged to get a strawberry pin and cannot wait to see it in person.

The last shop is something that I didn’t purchase myself, my lovely boyfriend bought me it, as he saw me eyeing it up. It is the most adorable hammerhead shark felt paper clip from Planner Head. I have had multiple planner clips from this shop before and could not have been more excited when I saw she did a shark one. It is perfect size for all planners, it is very secure and can be customised to have a silver or gold clip.

2017-09-09 14.26.41

It is hard to find shark related items for planners/stationery as they are a very undervalued animal. If you are know of any please comment as I would love to have more of them in my stash.

I hope you liked my small haul, I am going to be doing less of these soon. I am aiming to do more creative pieces, such as planner spreads so stay tuned.

Until next time,





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