Practising my Drawing


I have decided to work on my drawing, I am not confident with my drawings but enjoy doing them. This is the main reason I draw, for enjoyment. However, it would be nice to improve my skills especially with using watercolours.

I picked up an a5 staple bound sketchbook from whsmith for £1.99. In this I will try draw something at least once a week/fortnight. To start I drew Jigglypuff from Pokemon, this is because I used to draw this constantly when I was younger.

Below you can see the three step pictures, my pencil sketch, my painting and finally the outline.

2017-09-03 20.38.56

Step one my pencil sketch, this is where I should have spent some more time making sure I was 100% happy before painting.

2017-09-03 21.18.38

Step two my painting. My shading is getting there but need more practise with using and blending watercolours.

2017-09-03 21.28.20

Step three outlining the painting in a black fineliner. This just makes it stand out more and look crisper. My lines are a little shaky but I’m hoping to improve that.

There is plenty I would like to change about this painting. But, I am happy with it as a starting point.

Until next time,



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