Glossary of Planner terms

Happy Mail –Post that is good such as stickers, craft stuff, etsy orders etc

RAK –  Random Act of Kindness – This is when someone does something just to be nice, normally in planner groups, its when people will send you stickers or planner bits and bobs for free just to be friendly.

ISO – In search of

NIL – Next in Line – thats what someone comments when someone is destashing and you want it next.

Destashingclearing out your ‘stash’ craft stuff.

BTP – Before the Pen – planner spreads before the pen has been added in.

Unicorn – The planner that is hard to get and that you lust after.

Rings – these are planners that have rings that open to add pages.

Personal, Pocket, A5, Compact – These are sizes of planners.

TN – Travelers notebook – its a booklet sized for a midori or fauxdori.

Spiralbound – a planner that has a spiral binding.

Matte – a type of sticker that isnt shiny

Glossy – a shiny effect on stickers

Planner Peace – When you are completely happy with your planner system.

TIA – Thanks in advance

Fauxdori – This is a type of travelers notebook. more commonly ones created by etsy shops. 

BUJO – Bullet Journal – A type of planner that is made up from a notebook.

PWM – Plan with me – This is what videos are called where you watch someone make up their planner spread.

EC – Erin Condren – an american planner company, they make planners with horizontal, vertical or hourly layouts. they are spiralbound.

HP – Happy Planner – these are vertical layout planners on an arc ring system.

Spread – your planner layout for the week, day, month etc

OT – Off Topic – this is used in planner groups when a post does not relate to planners,crafts or stationery

Washi – Paper Tape – this is paper tape that is commonly used to decorate.

F – Following – when someone likes the theme of a post and would like to get notifications on it.

Full Box Sticker – A sticker that is designed to fill a full box on a vertical layout

Half Box Sticker –  A sticker that is designed to fill a half box on a vertical layout